Gious Kampos - Koupos Summit - Agias Fotias Gorge

21 Apr 2019

One-day hiking activity in the prefecture of Rethymno. The starting point of the route will be the Gious Kampos plateau of Mount Kedros, where we admire the endemic red tulips growing in the region and protected by presidential decree from 1981.

Route: The starting point of the route will be from an altitude of 750 meters and the plateaus of Júnos kambos, where we will admire the unique in the world doerfleri tulips. After 15 minutes of walking on a rural road, we will start climbing about 30 minutes (without a trail) at the top of Koupos, where we will be the point of rest, but also admire the wonderful view of the surrounding area. Then we descend from the mountain and after walking about half an hour we enter the gorge of Agia Fotia. At some point, there is a wonderful waterfall that we may be able to approach. (if a little water runs) Walking will take place on a trail on the side of the gorge, as the water descends from the waterfall flows through the gorge. After about 1 hour we will go out on the main road. Total duration of the route will be approximately 4 hours.

Difficulty: 2

Departure time: 08:00

Departure location: Outside Club premises, Tzanakaki 90 str, Chania.

Registration period: 15 Apr 2019 00:01 - 19 Apr 2019 22:59 (or until all participations have been filled)


Participation types: Trial participation for non EOS members , For members of EOS Chanion , Stundents , Member of other Mountaineering Club (confirmation required)

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