Plokamiana Kissamos - Retzakas Waterfall

12 May 2019

One-day hiking in the Innaxorio area of Kissamos Municipality in collaboration with the Cultural Association of Plokamiana.

Route: One day hiking trip to the southwestern tip of Kissamos, in the Municipal Unit of Inaxouri, on the Plokamiana - Cataract of Retzakas route on Sunday 12 May 2019. The hiking is easy and will start from the famous Krya Vrisi of the village of Plokamiana, built at an altitude of 230 meters. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy hiking in this green area and to climb the ravine which is the only waterfall of Retzakas above the village. Participants must be in good physical condition, wear a mountaineering shoe and have a mountaineering baton, windproof jacket and clothes, hat, food and water.

Difficulty: 2

Departure time: 07:15

Departure location: Outside Club premises, Tzanakaki 90 str, Chania.

Registration period: 6 May 2019 00:01 - 10 May 2019 17:29 (or until all participations have been filled)


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