82nd Panhellenic Mountaineering Meeting, Dirfi Mountains in Evia

20 Jul 2024 - 24 Jul 2024

It is the annual Mountaineering meeting for the members of the Clubs all over Greece, that is going to take place around the welcoming mountain refuge 'Mihalis Nikolaou' with a climb to the top of Delphi (1,743 m.) in the mountain range of Dirfi, located in the prefecture of Evia, then the program of our trip will include tour and hikes in Northern Evia, based on the Forest Village in Pappades of Agia Anna. The detailed program for this activity will be announced at the Association's offices.

Difficulty: 2

Departure time: 07:00

Return: Wed, 24 Jul 2024, 07:00 (approximate)

Departure location: Port of Souda, Friday 19/07/2024 at 21:00 p.m.

Registration period: 15 Jun 2024 00:01 - 15 Jul 2024 20:59 (or until all participations have been filled)

Leaders: Club Committee

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