Participation terms and conditions

Participation in any of the Club´s activities also means unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of participation that are published on the programme of activities.

Participation in any activity also means that:

- the participant should be familiar with the requirements and risks involved in the activity in which he/she wishes to participate and is responsible for his/her personal participation, for accepting the risks involved and for his/her own personal safety.

- the participant has the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and equipment for his/her participation in a particular activity and has taken into account the latest weather forecasts for the period of time the activity is programmed to take place.

- the participant does not have the right to make a claim against the organizing Club or against the leader of the activity in which he/she is participating.

- the Club has the right to modify the programme.

- the leader of an activity has the right to cancel the activity if, in his/her judgement, local weather and mountain conditions pose a threat to the group´s safety. He/she is also entitled to exclude a person (or persons) who, in his/her judgement, does/do not meet the necessary requirements (physical fitness, insufficient or inadequate equipment or knowledge, disobedience, inappropriate behaviour, etc.).

- if one of the participants does not wish to or is unable to follow the group, or intends to abandon the group for any reason, he/she is obliged to notify the leader.

- on routes involving snow, it is necessary for participants to have sufficient knowledge and experience of using winter mountain equipment (ice axe, crampons) and are familiar with dealing with winter mountain conditions.

- the duration of an activity that is listed refers to the estimated duration during normal weather and terrain conditions at that particular time of year.

- for two-day or multi-day activities and especially when staying overnight in refuges or hotels, participants´ applications and any deposits needed should be made at least one month in advance. In case of cancellation of participation during the last few days prior to the activity, the amount already paid is not refunded.

- information concerning any activity is provided by the leader of that activity from the Monday to Friday prior to the activity from 21:00 to 23:00 at the Club´s office.

- applications for participation in any activity should be made by 23:59 on Friday.

- cancellations for participation in any activity are accepted until 23:59 on Friday.