Lentas Heraklion - Tripiti - Agios Ioannis - Three Ekklisies

15 Jun 2019 - 17 Jun 2019

Three days of the Holy Spirit on the southern coast of the Prefecture of Heraklion. Information in the offices of the Club.

Route: SATURDAY 15/06/2019
   Departing 07:00 from the Club, will arrive around midday at Lenda. The route followed is near the sea level and includes a dirt road, asphalt, a trail and points without a trail. We will pass several beaches among them and the beach of Trachoula or Trafoula. The duration of the trip is 4-5 hours, overnight at the beach of Tripiti.
SUNDAY 16/06/2019
   On Sunday early morning departure, the route followed is near the sea level and includes a dirt road, a path and a path without a trail with an ascent to 280 m. After 5-6 hours we will arrive at Agios Ioannis. Attitude for rest, food and swim. After about 1.5 hours we will arrive at the Koudoumas Monastery, where we will spend the night.
MONDAY 17/06/2019
   We start early in the morning with a 500 m high uphill trail. The route is wavy on a path and at the end it is hiked on a dirt road until we reach the Three Churches. The duration of the course is 5-6 hours.

* Necessary supplies for the mountain:
 - Sleeping bag, -Flag, -Beat, -Suit, -Swimsuit, -Towel, -Sunscreen, -Sunglasses, -Windbreaker, -Guest. -Optional retailer.
* Participants must be in good physical condition, wear a mountaineering shoe and have a climbing stick,
* The program is likely to be partially modified, under the responsibility of the leader of the activity, depending on prevailing weather conditions.
* Stations will be made during the road, which will be determined by the leader of the activity.
* Overnight stays will be on the beach. At Koudoumas Monastery, the overnight stays in the monastery's dormitories will be limited and if they exist then they will be available.
* Smoking on the bus is not allowed.
* Participants must have team spirit, mountaineering and exemplary cooperation with each other.

The participants will definitely meet at the Club's offices on Thursday 13/06 at 21:30, to be informed about the details of this trip.

Difficulty: 3

Departure time: 07:00

Return: Mon, 17 Jun 2019, 00:00 (approximate)

Departure location: Outside Club premises, Tzanakaki 90 str, Chania.

Registration period: 10 Jun 2019 00:01 - 14 Jun 2019 22:59 (or until all participations have been filled)


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