10th Mountain Trail Running 'SAMARIA'

22 May 2022

The details of the event have been announced on the website of the Club. The participation statements are made only with the electronic registration of the athletes through the website: https://events.eoshanion.gr/el/events.

Route: Accept this disclaimer:
The Association is not responsible for the death, injury or any damage to the health of competitors, who submitting the application form, claim to know the dangers that exist in the mountain environment and assure that their health is good and allows them to compete, and have recently been examined by doctor about this. There will however be claimed by any athlete to produce a medical certificate. Themselves athletes are required to undertake regular medical screening to monitor the health status them. The Organizing Committee of the Club reserves the right to cancel an athlete and not allow him to complete the race, if during the game on a designated doctor opinion. Also the Club disclaims any responsibility for the physical safety of athletes, who should be moved attention to points along the route, where the risk of falling with unpleasant or fatal outcome is increased.

The organization of the race will be done according to the health protocols of E.OD.Y. and the G.G.A. for COVID-19 disease which will be valid on the day of its occurrence.

Difficulty: 2 + +

Departure time: 08:30

Departure location: Omalos Plateau, White mountains.

Registration period: 11 Apr 2022 10:00 - 19 May 2022 21:59 (or until all participations have been filled)

Leaders: Club Committee

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